Australian Lifestyle Group  (“the Company”) is a private closed-ended mutual fund company based in the British Virgin Islands (“the BVI”) that provides an avenue for portfolio investment in select prime real estate properties in Australia.

Investment Objective: The investment objective of the Company is to seek over the medium to long term substantial capital appreciation (a minimum gross return of 8% per year) through investments mainly in a diversified portfolio composed of commercial and residential real properties principally located in Australia .There can be no assurance that the Company will achieve its objective.

Offering: A private placement with institutional investors and private individuals in USA  and in certain foreign countries  up to 49,900 registered Incentive Shares of the Company, with a nominal value of USD $ 1,000 each (the "Offered Shares") are being offered.

Offering Size: The Company is seeking capital subscriptions aggregating a minimum USD$20 Million primarily from sophisticated unaffiliated investors, both private and corporate. 

Minimum Subscription: The minimum Subscription will be One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (USD$100,000.00). The Directors of the Company reserve the right to accept Subscriptions of lesser amounts at their discretion. The Offered Shares are denominated in United States dollars but settlement will be accepted in any freely convertible currency.
Closings: The Company intends to hold an initial closing upon receiving investor Subscriptions which is estimated to be at least Twenty  Million United States Dollars (USD$20,000,000.00). Additional shareholders may be admitted at subsequent closings at the discretion of the Directors after the initial closing. 

Drawdowns: Generally subscriptions will be drawn down as needed to complete real estate investments or to provide for expenses of the Company, with a minimum of five  (5) days prior written notice. The first capital call will be applied to make a qualifying real estate investment in accordance with the investment guidelines.  The Company reserves the right to draw down the entire amount of a subscription with a minimum five (5) days prior written notice.
Subscription Period: The Subscription Period shall run until such time as the Directors may determine.
Listing: Shares will not be listed on any Stock Exchange.